Where we are and what we do

Organic Oils Italia is placed among the pleasant hills of Umbria, the so-called "Green Heart of Italy", not far from the outstanding Trasimeno Lake. In this part of Heaven on Earth, for over 25 years, we have been selecting, producing and bottling our valuable line of organic seed oils, enriching it through careful and scrupulous research, with a premium range of Extra virgin olive oils, pestos, sauces and vinegars, all of them from certified organic farming.

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Our world view

We want to offer our passionate consumers products in line with the most modern trends of the science of human nutrition, increasingly based on healthy and certified foods, capable of providing the diet with those substances necessary for daily well-being. Organic Oils is the only European Company operating in the organic business to have full control over the entire production chain, from the field to the processed and packaged product, up to delivery to our customers around the world.

Our brands

Among the corporate brands, Crudigno is our historical brand, known and recognized both in Italy and abroad, as the reference brand of Italian organic oils. Thanks to the obsessive attention given to quality, traceability, transparency and taste of all our products, as well as a widespread distribution around the world, we are able to carry out our mission in the best possible way: to spread the concept of a healthy and controlled diet, proposing to the consumer a wide range of highly traceable organic farming oils, obtained exclusively from certified and controlled raw materials and without any residue of dangerous pesticides. With our Crudigno brand, we offer today one of the widest selections of oils for daily use in a fresh and modern packaging, providing the consumer with very important information about the multiple benefits and the correct methods of use.

How we work

Our business begins with a scrupulous selection of suppliers of organic farming raw materials, carried out by internal staff through constant audits on the field. The actual production activity begins with the arrival of the pre-selected organic raw material, which is scrupulously rechecked and quarantined pending analyses carried out both in our internal laboratory and, to a larger extent, through external certified laboratories. All incoming products must fully comply with our technical data sheets and our specifications, as well as having to fully comply with the organic parameters. Once guaranteed the perfect quality of the raw materials, the products are placed in our production plant for selection, cleaning, screening, cold pressing and subsequent natural decanting. Some specific products, such as cooking oils, undergo a further production step in our factory, called "desodorization", through an exclusively physical process only using the power of steam, which allows the oil to keep intact its main good characteristics, reducing only the taste and the color, resulting in this way easier to use in everyday life. Finally, all our oils are bottled and sold by us all over the world, always maintaining the maximum freshness, quality and traceability.

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